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During the review of complaints and appeals, the journal editors follow the relevant Committee on Publication Ethics (СОРЕ) rules.

Review Process

In case of filed complaints and/or appeals against editorial decisions, the following review procedure is applied:

• Any complaint or appeal is first reviewed by the editor-in-chief who is responsible for the journal and/or the editor-in-chief who was directly involved in the editorial process.

• The editor-in-chief of the publication may enlist in the review two members of the editorial board who have relevant experience of participating in the editorial boards of other publications and with their experience and knowledge can help in the settlement of the dispute and the proper clarification of the circumstances described in the appeal, as well as the proper application of the editorial policy and rules of publication ethics of the Journal.

• If the participation of the specified editorial board or directly their conduct is the object of the appeal, the complainant should contact the Editorial Council of Alfred Nobel University (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The complaint is considered at a meeting of the Editorial Council of the University with the participation of Chief Editor and Executive Editor of the journal.

When considering complaints and/or appeals, the following rules must be observed:

• mutual respect for all participants in the editorial process, the presumption of their proper and conscientious behavior until proven otherwise;

• granting all interested persons the right to present their arguments in support or opposition to the stated requirements;

• proper notification of the participants of the editorial process regarding the receipt and consideration of such an appeal, in which their rights and/or interests may be affected;

• directing the process of resolution of any dispute through the search for compromise and mutual understanding.

A complaint about the scientific quality of an article, such as an appeal concerning the rejection of the article

In the appeal, the author must provide a detailed justification including responses to the reviewers' remarks by points.

The editor-in-chief considers the arguments of authors and reviewers and makes one of the following decisions:

• reject the application due to the groundlessness of the requirements outlined in the appeal;

• satisfy the claims stated in the application;

• to apply to the Editorial Council of Alfred Nobel University to consider the appeal due to the impossibility of making a final decision in the editorial office.

The complainant is notified of the decision with an explanation. Decisions on appeals are final and new submissions have priority over appeals.

Complaint regarding the peer review (review time, etc.)

Chief Editor, together with the Executive Editor and the management of the Editorial Council of Alfred Nobel University is investigating the case. The complainant will be provided with a response. The results of the case review will be considered by relevant stakeholders to improve editorial and publishing processes.

Complaint about publication ethics, for example, about the behavior of the author or reviewer

Chief Editor or Executive Editor must follow Committee on Publication Ethics COPE, The European Association of Science Editors EASE recommendations and journal publication ethics guidelines. Chief Editor or Executive Editor may consult Editorial Council of Alfred Nobel University regarding complex cases.

The final decision on rejection of the complaint / appeal cannot be challenged. The editors will not communicate with the authors of the rejected manuscript after such a decision.