Academy review                      



A.O. Zadoia, A.M. Palladin
Analysis of the international monetary system: plans on a global currency

S.V. Kuzminov
Apology as a component in a market economy research

A.V. Ryzhenkov
The structural crisis, industrial cycle and stabilization policy

M.V. Fomina
Corruption: contents, reasons, methodology of evaluation

B.M. Andrushkiv, N.B. Kyrych, O.B. Pohajdak, L.M. Melnyk
The mechanism of innovation policy realization in the sphere of human capital (through the example of enterprises and commercial activity)


V.V. Sergeev, O.M. Zborovska,V.P. Kuznetsova
Dynamics and analysis of unemployment rates in Dnipropetrovs'k region

M.S. Pashkevych
Regional leveling-off in Ukraine in the context of stable and innovative development

V.Y. Shvets, M.I. Ivanova
Formation and estimation of Ukrainian regions’ competitiveness in the context of economic globalization


G.O. Kramatenko, O.Ie. Chorna
The effectiveness of fiscal standards and criteria in the frame of anti-crisis national policy

S.A. Kuznetsova
Valuation of objects and financial repotting of joint investment activities without forming a legal entity

O.M. Chorna
Performance evaluation of own capital management of financial and credit institute (through the example of the bank)

R.A. Eremeichuk, M.V. Maksimova
Formation of the system of controlling indexes of bank’s operating business

E.G. Kirdina, Y.V. Miroshnichenko
Сombination of different approaches for managing cost of railways


Lyashko D.Y.
Components of generating enterprise value and its business valuation in the present market conditions

S.B. Kholod
Structural re-organization of productive processes of machine-building complex

Y.V. Serdyuk-Kopchekchi
Strategic development of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine

B.M. Markov
Methodological principles of manufactures and enterprises competitiveness

O.V. Lebid
The role of management technologies in enterprise development


O.M. Vakulchyk, V.V. Drei
Estimation and performance management of formation and usage of information at the machine-building enterprise

L.A. Goroshkova
Connection of cyclicality development with the economic security of related to metallurgical and technological branches

T.Y. Tsyba, V.P. Valikov
Priority rating of activity’s quality improvement

O.V. Kurinnyi, I.G. Kyrinna
Systematization of factors stipulated re-structurisation of industrial enterprises


Y.Y. Khvatov
The prospects of the reform in world currency system: is Bretton Woods II possible?

V.A. Novikov
International experience in clustering of economic development of regions

V.L. Pikalov
The world economy in the context of globalization acceleration in the light of geopolitics

T.E. Makarenko
Asymmetrical development of integration communities in the context of global transformations