Academy review                      



D. Chistilin
Institutional foundation of ineffective macroeconomic policy of Ukraine during the crisis

S. Kuz’minov
Selfish and integral approaches in determining purpose and criteria of competition effectiveness

I. Taranenko
Hierarchy and chain interactions as a source of competitive advantages of socio-economic system

V. Pavlova, V. Myachin, A. Zhukova
Microeconomic aspects of demand in the system of electronic commerce

Ye. Vorobyova
The role of anti-crisis measures in providing macroeconomic stability


N. Voloshko, I. Kurinna
Methodical aspects of substantiation of sources of corporation development financing

I. Shkura
The formation and development of joint investment institutions in Ukraine

G. Tkachuk
Financial mechanism of the leased property improvement process


D. Lyashko
Modern trends in using information systems and technologies in enterprise marketing management

P. Piontkovsky
Problems of communal housing economy as a complex social-economic system

S. Petrenko
Integrated evaluation of personal activity as an instrument of improving enterprise management system efficiency

O. Kuz’menko
Strategic management of potential opportunities of a machine-building enterprise


O. Bogdan, N. Yatsenko
Forming entrepreneurial systems of interfirm relations

L. Gonchar
Theoretical and practical aspects of the efficiency of introducing commercial logistics at retail enterprises

V. Pikalov
Knowledge management as a new function of corporate management

M. Tarasuk
Information needs as the most important factor in the process of informational provision of controlling in distribution network management


A. Zadoya, A. Pavlenko
Economic crisis in the countries of East and Central Europe: common features and national peculiarities

O. Trushenko
Innovative competition in the conditions of world economy