Academy review                      



A. Zadoia, S. Kuzminov
Interaction of market and non-market aspects in the economic reforms of the late 1940s and middle 1960s

Ya. Yadgarov
General and individual in K. Marx’s Theory of Profit

A. Grynyov, O. Kompaniets’
Knowledge as the main source of modern economy

V. Ostroumov
The peculiarities of “Say’s Market Laws” reflection in the creative works of Russian followers of classical political economy


M. Dolgal’ova, O. Shestakova
Study of commercial bank strategic liquidity management

K. Korzhenko
Pricing policy formation and trading margin level of retail enterprise analysis on the stationary market

S. Filatova, M. Kolisnyk
Economic verification of investment project

L. Kuhtiy
Global financial crisis and its influence on the activity of banking system of Ukraine


B. Kholod, O. Zborovs’ka
System approach as the basis of modern industrial enterprises activity management

S. Drobyazko
Methodical principles of enterprise expenses management

V. Momot, O. Pervakov
Forms of private capital attracting for reforming communal monopolies

N. Krasnokuts’ka
Methodological principles of enterprise potential realization evaluation

N. Beydyk
Regional aspect of food clusters forming


L. Garmider
Logistics labor flow classification

O. Kryshan
Managing factors that influence the efficiency of investment project in the process of its realization

S. Petrenko
Integration management systems as a source of enterprise competitiveness increase

V. Tatarinov
Innovation demand management at small machine-building enterprises in Ukraine


I. Taranenko
Innovative constituent in the formation of Ukrainian economy competitiveness in the context of cyclic progress

O. Galas’, D. Krutsyak
Home investment as stabilization tool of state economic development

S. Trigub
Features of free (exclusive) economic zones and their effect on the stimulation of enterprise operation

O. Krasovs’ka
International competitiveness of national higher education systems in modern economy of education