ISSN 2074-5354. Academy Review, 2016, № 1 (44) 


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 O.A. Zadoia Consumption and savings of householders: income and non-income factors

E. Lymomova.State regulation of TNCs in the environmental field



P. Atamas, A. Atamas, G. Kramarenko  Role of accounting in enterprise risk management
T. Bolgar Scientific and methodological foundations of creating the model for quality estimation of bank’s credit portfolio
V. Varenik Analysis of the methods of calculating the economic security of Ukraine
K. Vorobiova  Identifying effective methods of university competitiveness increase
L. Garmider, I. Samay Analysis on assortment building of enterprise
M. Guba Activities of investment funds on the euro area market
T. Deyneka The nature of contradiction in the context of modern techno-economic paradigm
K. Dziubak Strategy of increasing the cost of land capital
O. Zadoia Consumption and saving of householders: revenue and non-revenue factors
V. Zalizko, V. Martynenko Theoretical and methodological aspects of the formation of the strategy of development of rural territories of Ukraine
N. Zachosova Introduction of the institute of financial ombudsman in Ukraine: possible consequences for the economic security of financial institutions
S. Kuznetsova, A. Kuznetsov  Quality of management control and accounting information: interaction and assurance mechanisms
E. Lymomova.State regulation of TNCs in the environmental field
V. Smachilo Human resource management in the context of enterprise social responsibility
S. Tul Virtualization of intellectual work in the conditions of postindustrial economy formation
O. Shkurupij, N. Bazavluk. Modern features of the state regulation of processes of intellectualization and innovatization of economy in Ukraine
V. Iankovyi Collinearity factors in assessing the parameters of the Cobb-Douglas production function


Academy Review, 2016, № 2 (45)


R. Bezus, S. Burtak  Formation the system of lobby and advocacy of the organic production
L. Bukharina, D. Tytarchuk  Forming an effective energy saving policy of industrial enterprise
T. Vakarchuk   Modified model of economic growth that takes into account the possibility of state regulation
O. Zadoia Foreign trade of ukraine: modern scales, structure and tendencies
S. Kafka The non-financial non current assets: assessment and reporting
T. Korolyuk Structural risks of public debt and default prevention policy in Ukraine
S. Kuznetsova, V. Varenyk, N. Hulevich Early warning and response system as a means of improving the financial sustainability of a small enterprise
S. Kuzminov Brief political and economic definition of fascism
A. Mahdich Democratization and economic growth: theoretical aspect
A. Palladin The EU projects and institutional changes in Ukraine
Y. Parshin Quantitative estimation model of the economic development unevenness of the national economy
H. Ryzhkova, N. Ryzun Youth employment issues in the context of professional education deficiencies
O. Sakno, O. Lysyi, V. Kosarev Simulation of management of the technical state of trains for the autoenterprise on basis of qualimetry model
O. Silantyev Material wealth in category of goods value and utility for actors in modern economic relations
Iu. Khvatov French economy: the stages of development and analysis of the current development trends
S. Kholod  Comparative analysis of investment attractiveness during transformation of the economic system



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