Academy review                      



A. Glukha
Economic growth rates system

G. Kramarenko, O. Chorna
Nature, causes and trends of privatization in the context of global economic growth: institutional aspects

M. Berezhans’ky
Innovative development tools of economy

O. Kudyrko
Intangible assets and intellectual capital: a comparative analysis of economic categories


T. Bolgar
Improvement of bank credit monitoring process

M. Vakulich
Investment climate strategic management in the agricultural sector of Ukraine’s economy: approaches and mechanism

V. Varenik
Cash management computerization at the macro and micro levels

Ia. Gorbunenko
Stock market analysis in terms of changes in behavior of Ukrainian investors


Павлова В.А., Герцик В.А. V. Pavlova, V. Gertsyk
Relationship system formation with the participants of the company’s products distribution

S. Alekseev
Architecture functional level of enterprise strategicpotential management

V. Ilchenko
Activity management features of the innovation: active machine-building enterprises

М. Ischenko
Methodological approaches to the assessment of the investments effectiveness based on economic value added

N. Kyrlyk
Analysis approaches to the determination of enterprise human capita

O. Tsymbaliuk
Methodical aspects of the technical risks estimation in ferrous metal industry


V. Tkachenko, S. Kholod, S. Grushevskiy, I. Mukhyn
Operative expert-rating assessment of the selection preferableness for the realization of investment projects

D. Vlasuk, T. Makatora
Image-building attractiveness of higher education institutions that train specialists in the fields of light industry


V. Galitsin, O. Suslov,A. Mezentcev
Multifractal forecasting model crisis of foreign exchange market

E. Lymonova
Transnational corporations activities in Ukraine: analysis and prospects

A. Magdich
Problems and prospects of economic integration in the CEE region

Iu. Khvatov
Comparative analysis of investment attractiveness international rates

Y. Khomenko, O. Reznikova
Factors of enterprise competitiveness under influence of globalization

V. Tatariniov, V. Tatarinov
Foreign development experience and innovation financing and real state of Ukrainian innovation market

O. Shtanko
Modern functioning tendences of world fund markets