Academy review                      



O.M. Azarian, Yu.O. Belenkaya
The conceptual framework of state regulation of the economy through the sector of natural monopolies

A.A. Zadoia
Aggregate demand structure: comparative analysis

V.V. Bilotserkivets
Role of the government in activation of avanguard economy development: damper or protagonist?

A.M. Pylypenko
Social justice: nature, concept and place in liberal project of Ukraine

G.Ya. Glukha
Economic growth: evolution-content analysis


S.A. Kuznetsova, M.I. Andreenko, O.I. Ilchenko
The investment attractiveness of the grain market in Ukraine: major players and trading partners, recent trends and mid-term outlook

T.M. Bоlgar
Hard Collection as an effective mechanism of overdue debt enforcement by banking institution

Z.S. Pestovs’ka
The mechanism of satisfaction of machine-building enterprises current financial needs on the basis of the objective function

O.V. Tyshchenko
A common information space in government financial monitoring of Ukraine


O.M. Zborovska
Organizational aspects of foreign economic activity of industrial enterprises

I.Z. Dolzhanskyi
Motivation models of company potential management

S.V. Dubinskyi
Modern methods of personnel management at machine-building enterprise

D.Yu. Lyashko
Components of the increasing revenue strategy in the system of enterprise value management.

E.M. Smirnov
The trade enterprise competitiveness level modeling


V.A. Tkachenko, T.S. Mishustina
Marketing support of the earlier stage of industrial enterprise innovation process

I.H. Pavlenko
Communication policy as an element of enterprise marketing system in the process of modern communication society

V.I. Osadchiy
Role of marketing strategy in innovation activities of international information technology companies

Y.V. Rudenko
Features of application of marketing costs management methods at industrial enterprises


N.V. Karpenko
International practices in the formation of socially responsible marketing concept

M.V. Grechko
Role of education in the economy of knowledge: diagnostics of the capacity of Russia

A.S. Magdich
Economic growth and structural changes in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe

Y.V. Miroshnichenko
Credit dependence of the economy of Ukraine on the IMF

V.M. Kozka
Mechanism and models of People’s Republic of China assistance to foreign countries