Academy review                      


B. Kholod, O. Dashevska
Methods of strategy selection and substantiation of the development of a higher educational establishment


G. Pylypenko, N. Lytvynenko
Diagnostics of ratio between public and commercialcoordination in national economy

S. Kuzminov
Big models or “tool box”: which is more useful?

A. Sorochaykin, A. Philatova
A distributive theory of justice by John Rawls

V. Bilotserkivets
The origin of economic and avant-garde economic elements in the process of anthropological, social and economic genesis

O. Piestova
Institutional aspects of innovative development theories

I. Sokyrynska
Transformation of theoretical approaches to dynamic balance provision: historical aspect


S. Kuznetsova
Specific of financial control in different businesses

O. Nusinova
Evaluation of enterprise financial safety subject to owners’ interests

Yu. Khvatov
The Paris Conference of Money (currency),1867: myths and reality

I. Chmutova, M. Afanasenko
Methodical approaches to the formation of Ukrainian banks’ rating

V. Galitsyn, O. Kozak
Complete mathematical model of bank portfolio

T. Bolgar
Current financial position of Ukrainian banking system


V. Pavlova
Service standards in the system of consumption safety assurance

O. Zborovs’ka
Economic and mathematical modeling of metallurgical enterprise material flows volume

D. Lyashko
Methodological approaches to the formation of enterprise cost attractiveness

V. Makedon, I.Chernyavskaya
Evaluation of economic efficiency and monitoring of the processes of enterprise organizational changes caused by “bursting effect”

K. Khavrova
Data base development for the analysis of trade enterprises current expenditures


Yu. Taranenko, O. Kholod, R. Bakhshyev
Innovation marketing strategy in the system of on-line trade

V. Pikalov
Knowledge management as an important evolution factor of a business entity key competences

I. Scherbyna, Ye. Aristarov
Optimization of expenses in distribution channels


Arvydas Guogis, Romualdas Kacevicius
The Relationship Between Informational Policy And The Changes In Social Capital: Central And Peripherical Differences In Lithuania

A. Zadoia, S. Venger
Transfer pricing in international business

Yu. Morosov, I. Taranenko
Strategy as a factor of company economic stability in the context of world trends of sustainable development

O. Shubin, V. Malygina
Quality and safety control of raw food and food products in the context of world market requirements

O. Chorna, O. Podzharova, M. Dudar,
Import substitution policy and investment promotion in Ukraine

A. Magdich
Common features and national peculiarities of macroeconomic dynamics of the countries of Central And Eastern Europe